5 Benefits of Eco Friendly Cars

Eco-friendly car run on electricity or a combination of electricity and hydrogen-based fuel. Both represent low-cost methods of transportation while also reducing the amount of the driver’s carbon footprint on the Earth. In addition, environmentally-friendly cars are constantly being enhanced and redesigned with even more emphasis on reducing pollution and waste. As a result, these cars often require less maintenance than gas-powered vehicles.

Other benefits of eco-friendly cars include:

* No longer spending 1/3 of your paycheck for gas. For example, the hybrid Prius 46 which contains a gas tank big enough to carry 11 gallons, allows you to drive nearly 600 miles before needing to refuel. The cost per mile is less than $.08 per mile
*Drivers of eco-friendly cars consume a minimum of natural resources by spewing less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and using less fossil fuel
*Potential for a tax break if you drive a green car. Purchasing a hybrid car means you may be eligible for as much as $3000 back when you file taxes. While not every eco-friendly vehicle qualified for this kind of tax break, the majority do. This tax credit could help you in many ways at the end of the year.
*Some of the newest hybrid cars are using sustainable and recyclable materials with which to construct the interior of these vehicles. This will slow down the use of materials garnered from deforestation as well as prevent habitat destruction
*The message you send to everyone by buying and driving a hybrid car means you are serious about helping the environment. It may inspire others to do the same

One other important benefit of driving eco-friendly cars is the fact that they provide the possibility to eventually reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Nearly half of the oil and gas we use is imported from the Middle East, where the majority of oil reserves are located. Controlled by OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), this oil is priced according to how much OPEC claims to have at its disposal. As a result, many countries have no choice but to pay the price set by OPEC, regardless of supply and demand factors. By persuading more people to purchase eco-friendly cars, this dependence on foreign oil will cease and energy prices will drop dramatically.

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