Going Electric Means Going Green in Savings

Car owners in America are faced with the decision of continuing their status quo of buying automobiles that rely on the import of expensive oil from other countries or of investing in a better environmental future by purchasing the newer technological wonders of electric or hybrid vehicles. The choice is not always an easy one; however, there are many advantages to choosing the latter option of an eco-friendly car.

The biggest benefit in purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle is fuel cost. The price of gasoline has steadily gone up and up during the last decade. Where owners once paid $1 for a gallon of gas, they are today paying in the vicinity of $4.50 per gallon with all indicators being that the price is on the rise even more so. Eco-friendly cars rely on electric batteries, not foreign oil to run. The savings are significant.

This is actually another plus to using a hybrid, plug-in, or all electric vehicle. By doing so, owners help to reduce American dependence on imported petroleum. The vast majority of this imported product is used by passenger cars. Eco-friendly cars, however, use other fuel sources as well, such as coal and natural gas. In addition, many get better gas mileage than a standard automobile.

Related to alternative fuel is another benefit, that being that as time passes, there are more options for where to gas up, so to speak. Hybrid vehicles can get fuel at gas stations or alternative fueling sites, while plug-in cars can also get gas at a regular gas station or charge up either at home or a public charging station. Electric cars can also recharge at home or a public station. Americans love flexibility, and eco-friendly cars provide that.

The main environmental plus to utilizing an eco-friendly car is that by doing so there are fewer emissions released into the atmosphere. In fact, all electric vehicles have zero emissions. Since most people use electricity rather than gas for their plug-in cars, there are also lower emissions than their counterparts driving regular fuel vehicles. Hybrids can vary, but they, too, generally release less than normal gas cars.

Thus, the benefits of using eco-friendly cars relate directly to the individual’s and country’s pocketbook. The price of gasoline is increasing steadily, putting a strain on the national economy. Buying an alternative car means lower costly imports, less family expense, and an improved environment.

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