Stop Living in the Past – Eco Friendly Cars are the Future

As much as you may love your gas guzzling pickup truck with its powerful V-8 engine and ability to haul a 2,000 pound payload, it is time to start thinking of a more practical vehicle for your transportation needs. With the nation trying to reduce its dependence on foreign oil and also concerned about global warming, eco friendly cars will play a big role in addressing those concerns. Before you go out and purchase another big pickup truck or SUV that is not very environmentally friendly, consider the benefits of owning an eco friendly car.

DOING YOUR PART to help the environment stay greener is one of the obvious reasons for buying a car that uses less gasoline or other highly polluting fossil fuels. A switch to a car that has better fuel efficiency will give you more miles to the gallon while also reducing your carbon footprint. Hybrid vehicles or all-electric vehicles use even less gas and emit fewer dangerous emissions into the atmosphere.

SAVING ON OPERATING COSTS is another primary reason why it is smart to opt for an eco-friendly car. Hybrid cars that are powered with a combination of gas and electricity or cars that run completely on battery power cost less to operate per mile than the traditional combustion engine powered vehicle. Today’s gas prices are close to $4 per gallon. Studies show that it takes $0.75-$1.00 in electricity costs to produce the same amount of energy and drive the same distance as 1 gallon of gas.

GAINING INDEPENDENCE FROM FOREIGN OIL is a very appealing reason to wean ourselves off of energy inefficient vehicles and start to focus on eco friendly cars. Americans are more than a little frustrated at being held hostage by oil-producing nations. Because oil is a global commodity, the actions of a single oil-producing country like Iran can cause the cost of oil to rise in ever oil-producing country. Even though Saudi Arabia is on good terms with the United States, they do not sell us oil at a discount. In order to free ourselves from the dependence on foreign oil, we must invest in eco friendly cars that use other sources of energy beside oil.

A BIG SUPPLY OF NATURAL GAS in the United States could be the answer to reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Building eco friendly vehicles that can run on natural gas will reduce our energy costs. Natural gas does not have the same environmental impact and has been shown to be an effective way of powering a car.

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